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Vehicle Sales

At Massey Automotive, if it’s out there, you’ll buy exactly the vehicle you want at a price that you determine. We want buying a pre-owned car or truck through Massey Automotive to be the easiest, most stress-free car or truck purchase you will ever make. We are not a used car lot. No one will descend upon you as you walk up. We find the car you want at the price you want. Many of the vehicles we purchase are from dealer auctions and are off-lease vehicles that are like new, but at significant savings. Let someone else pay for the initial depreciation!

Depreciation – new vehicles depreciate significantly during the first two to five years of ownership. Let the first owner incur that cost! In most cases, our pre-owned cars and trucks have just come off lease or have been traded-in for a newer model. Most have low or normal mileage (due to lease restrictions) and many are still under factory warranty – which means any major repairs will be handled by the manufacturer.
Here’s an example (shamelessly chosen to exaggerate the point) for a Mercedes S63:

➤ 2020 - $180,000

➤ 2019 - $110, 000 (-$70,000 in the first year. Ouch!)

➤ 2018 - $100,000

➤ 2017 - $75,000 (down another $25K, ugh)

➤ 2016 - $60,000 (OK, now we’re at 1/3 the original cost. That’s just hurtful.)


▷ We take care of searching for the car you want at the price you want.

▷ We will obtain a condition report from CarFax® or AutoCheck®.

▷ We will conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle and report on service needs, accident/paint damage, brakes and tires, accessories, etc.

▷ We will perform an oil change.

▷ We will have the car detailed prior to delivery.

$100 from every car sale is donated to charity. Currently $50 goes to Family Promise of Cobb County and $50 goes to You Lucky Dog Rescue.
For your added protection and peace of mind, extended warranty contracts are available.
Click to download the car sales Brochure.