Your vehicle is one of the biggest and most important investments that you’ll make. Most people are looking for ways to prolong the life of their car or truck, to ensure they have reliable transportation to get where they need to go. But did you know that the easiest, most cost-effective way to preserve the life of your vehicle without spending a ton of money is to get your oil and oil filter changed regularly?

Oil helps your engine last by reducing friction and wear on internal components. Over time, carbon and other contaminants build up in the oil and then on internal components, which can cause wear, rough running, and other problems. Manufacturers often recommend changing your oil every 10,000 (or more). This may be OK for the first 50K miles or even 100K miles, but that’s when the trouble starts. That’s why we recommend changing your oil every 5,000 miles. Regular oil and filter changes are cheap insurance to avoid expensive engine repairs or replacements.


Oil & Filter Change Benefits :

Get An Oil Change Today!

Massey Automotive provides a comprehensive oil service that includes an oil and filter change, checking and topping all fluids, airing up all tires, resetting maintenance reminders, providing a reminder sticker, and our free 54-point inspection. Our experienced auto technicians will visually inspect your vehicle and provide any recommendations using our priority system. As always, you are in control of which additional repairs, if any, you would like us to perform.

Auto Maintenance You Can Trust

Road Safety Is Our Priority

At Massey Automotive, we provide automotive maintenance to keep your vehicle running reliably and safely. A vehicle with proper auto maintenance can last much longer and avoid costly repairs. Our auto maintenance services include oil changes, transmission services, four-wheel alignments, brake services, and much more. We use quality replacement parts and fluids to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently.