Keep your vehicle running smoothly with engine/transmission services from Massey Automotive. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art technology and top-quality products to diagnose and repair any issues with your engine and transmission. Trust us for efficient and effective services. Book an appointment today!


Engine Services

Engine replacement is expensive and time consuming. With proper routine maintenance – especially oil changes – you can usually avoid this costly problem. At Massey Automotive, our experienced technicians take the health of your engine very seriously. We do everything we can to prevent engine failures by recommending and performing needed maintenance. If you do need an engine, however, Massey Automotive is one of the few shops in the area that can take care of you. We use new or factory remanufactured engines that include a great warranty (often 3yrs/100K miles).

Transmission Services

Transmissions, even those that the manufacturers call “sealed” need periodic maintenance. Changing the fluid and filter periodically can significantly increase the life of your transmission. Not doing so can can cause transmission problems as early as 100K miles. Transmission problems can include slipping, jerking, and noise, among other things. Routing maintenance along with addressing problems quickly can avoid transmission failure. If you do need a new transmission, however, we can take care of you! Like our engines, we use new or factory remanufactured transmissions with excellent warranties.

Features :

Service Your Engine Today!

At Massey Automotive, we understand that car problems can be stressful, costly, and inconvenient. That’s why our whole team of automotive experts is here to help. If you’re experiencing an oil leak, misfire, check engine light, or any other problem, don’t hesitate to bring your car or truck to us. We’ll diagnose and service the issue and get you back on the road again, often the same day.

Auto Maintenance You Can Trust

Road Safety Is Our Priority

At Massey Automotive, we provide automotive maintenance to keep your vehicle running reliably and safely. A vehicle with proper auto maintenance can last much longer and avoid costly repairs. Our auto maintenance services include oil changes, transmission services, four-wheel alignments, brake services, and much more. We use quality replacement parts and fluids to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently.