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Your vehicle’s brakes are one of its most important safety features. Properly functioning brakes allow you to stop quickly and smoothly, ensuring that you can safely navigate traffic, avoid obstacles, and stay on the road.

There are two main wear components in your braking system – the brake pads and the rotors. Your brake pads create friction by clamping the rotors to help slow down your vehicle. Both rotors and pads are wear items. Worn pads can increase stopping distances and can even fail completely if not changed. Worn rotors have reduced ability to dissipate heat and can warp and crack, among other things. Warped rotors can even prevent your antilock brake system from functioning properly!

Brake fluid can also cause braking issues. Brake fluid is hydroscopic (it absorbs water from the air) and becomes contaminated over time. This can result is that mushy pedal feel or even brake failure. “Wet” brake fluid also corrodes internal brake components like brake lines and caliper pistons. That’s why we recommend a brake fluid flush every two years.

Warning Signs of Brake Problems

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Keeping up with regular maintenance along with smooth driving habits can help extend the life of your brakes. If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, however, be sure to have your brakes checked as soon as possible.

Stay safe on the road with reliable brake repair services from Massey Automotive. Our experienced technicians use top-quality products and advanced equipment to ensure your brakes are functioning properly. Trust us for prompt, efficient, and effective brake repair services. Book your appointment today!

Auto Maintenance You Can Trust

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At Massey Automotive, we provide automotive maintenance to keep your vehicle running reliably and safely. A vehicle with proper auto maintenance can last much longer and avoid costly repairs. Our auto maintenance services include oil changes, transmission services, four-wheel alignments, brake services, and much more. We use quality replacement parts and fluids to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently.