fbpx Massey Automotive

Massey Automotive is a state-of-art automotive service center, with the latest technology and equipment. We offer dealer-level automotive services at reduced prices. We can handle any mechanical repair from oil changes and routine maintenance to major engine and transmission repair. In fact, due to our ability to handle major repairs and diagnose difficult or hard-to-find problems, a significant portion of our business comes from other shops.

➤ Manufacturer Suggested Scheduled Maintenance
➤ Computer, Electrical, Engine, and Drivability Diagnostics
➤ Air Conditioning Service and Repair
➤ Cooling System Service and Repair
➤ Diagnosis and Repair of Fluid Leaks
➤ Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspection
➤ State Emission Testing and Repairs
➤ Tire & Brakes
➤ Vehicle Detailing Services


Click here to schedule maintenance on-line or give us a call today at 770-971-4466.