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Meet The Team

Owner, Glenda Elliott is usually locked in the bookkeeping office while at the shop, but occasionally comes out to drive a customer home or deliver a car. She fell head over heels for Rob when he replaced the alternator in her car, in DC, in the street, in the rain, while battling a cold. She’s allowed him every project car since. Her hobbies include wrangling their menagerie of critters and being active however she can.

In a former life, Glenda studied to be a paralegal at the College of Southern Maryland and worked in big law including stints at both Kelley, Drye, & Warren and the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC. She also worked for Starbucks and was the youngest store manager in her district (she’s a firecracker!).

Rob Elliott is the co-owner of Massey Automotive with his wife Glenda. Rob is an Atlanta native, grew up in the Perimeter Mall area, and went to Chamblee High School. Rob holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech and a JD from The George Washington University Law School. Rob worked for over 12 years as a patent attorney, with a majority of his career spent at Troutman Sanders LLP, one of Atlanta’s oldest and largest law firms.
Glenda and Rob bought the shop from the original owner, Fred Massey, in January 2020. Rob worked at Massey Automotive for over 10 years in a “previous life.” After returning to school late in life (his Dad used to say “He went on spring break and didn’t come back for 10 years.”), Rob continued to work at Massey Automotive part-time until he graduated from Georgia Tech. Rob learned his love of cars from his Dad, Randy Elliott, who lived by the motto, “He who dies with the most toys wins!” Rob has been working on cars since he was six years old (i.e., “Hold the light UP so I can see!”) and has owned myriad cars and motorcycles. Rob’s current project is a 1984 Lotus Turbo Esprit into which he has swapped an LS1 (Corvette V8 engine) and updated to full digital controls and displays.
“How hard could it be? How long could it take?”

Chris A. Klaer, a.k.a. “Paco”, is a notary, emissions inspector, general manager, dad, and husband. What he lacks in height, he makes up for in beard length. Chris started at Massey Automotive in 2015 and has been in the automotive industry since he was eight years old – his family owned a shop in Marietta in the 80’s. Chris has over 26 years of experience in the automotive industry, including various Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealers, tire shops, independent shops, and fleet repair shops. Chris is married to an amazing Brazilian woman, has two beautiful daughters, and two crazy dogs (Rascal & Sophie). Chris also has a passion for Subarus and is proud to be a Subaru Ambassador! Chris drives a 2018 Subaru WRX STi. The STi replaced his 2004 Subaru WRX, which he bought new and drove for 18 years! Chris is also a huge Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Braves fan and enjoys playing men’s league softball.

Jack Pitt has been working on cars and race cars his whole life. His father, a car enthusiast and drag racer, has had him out in the garage since he was a wee lad. Like his father, Jack Pitt started in the automotive industry as a Snap-On® tool distributor. After three years on the tool truck, Jack started with Massey in April of 2011.

Jack is also the father of the cutest five-year-old girl in the world. Jack’s hobbies include making Chevys go fast (but not blowing them up, Ethan!) and currently drives a supercharged C6 Corvette with about 700 HP that he built and tuned himself. Jack also likes to watch Chevys “go-fast-go-fast-turn-left-turn-left” on Sundays. When he’s not watching NASCAR, Jack is a big fan of Falcons football, heavy metal concerts (avoid him in the mosh pit, he’s bigger than you), and bourbon – not necessarily in that order.

Jesse Glover, a proud Marietta native, is living his dream of working at Marietta’s premier automotive establishment. Jesse earned a degree in Automotive Technology at North Georgia Technical College. He is an ASE certified mechanic with over 20 years of experience in the automotive field. Jesse works on all cars, but has particular expertise in classic car repair and restoration, having worked on classic cars for over 10 years at a local Marietta classic auto repair business.

Jesse drives a 2011 Cadillac CTS-V coupe. Jesse is also working hard to reignite the custom van community and you may see him driving around Marietta in his black Chevy van, “Magic Carpet Ride”. But you probably thought he was a celebrity – he gets mistaken for stars all the time. Most recently he was mistaken for Jason Mamoa (“Aren’t you Aquaman?”) and Keanu Reeves. Who do you think he looks like?

Ethan “Big Country” Cook is an apprentice mechanic who has been turning wrenches at Massey since 2018. Ethan is a Marietta local and went to Walton High School. Ethan studied construction management at Kennesaw State, but decided that building cars was more fun than building houses. Ethan is a Chevrolet man and recently bought his first C5 Corvette – which he immediately blew up (“ASE Certified in spinning rod bearings”). Ethan will soon have experience in rebuilding LS1 engines…

Forrest Elliott joined Massey in 2020 when The Elliott’s purchased the business. His technical skills are somewhat lacking, but he makes up for it by being the best 80lb lap dog there has ever been! His hobbies include talking a lot (you may have heard his happy howls while on the phone with Rob or Chris) and getting into your lap at every opportunity.

Green Bean Elliott also joined Massey in 2020, he is the actual owner of the business and decided to keep the human Elliott’s around because they have opposable thumbs. His hobbies include playing fetch. That’s pretty much it. His favorite invention is the Chuckit!® ball launcher.

Bruce Elliottwas the last Elliott addition to the Massey team, and yes, he’s named after a shark. Depending on your age and movie know-how he is either named after the mechanical shark in Jaws, or the cartoon shark in Finding Nemo. Your choice. And, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, his hobby is eating. Everything. If you drop it (sometimes even if you haven’t) he’s on it. Best vacuum ever.